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Monday, May 13, 2013

February 17, 2013

On a cloudy day in Washington we started out day out.  Taking our neighbor Stephen with us, we were off to Aldrich Falls.

After making our way to the trail it didn't take long before we had to navigate past poison oak valley.  Thankfully that's the only part of the trail that is difficult to pass.  Apparently the trail is a nice perch for a squirrel as well.

Trekking along we made our way past the little creek and eventually got our first glimpse of the waterfall.

The trail down to the falls isn't clearly marked, but we figured it out.  Aldrich Falls was just as pretty as we remembered it.  Stephen went up and got a closer view while we took our shot.
#70  Aldrich Falls   (trail ~ moderate access)
Was a good hike with good conversation.  On the way down we took in the view overlooking the gorge.

After a good meal we headed home, although I couldn't miss the opportunity to grab a few more pictures.

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