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Friday, May 3, 2013

February 15 & 16, 2013

Sorry for being a slacker.  Sadly school is keeping me from posting more, however I'm going to try to find some more time.  Unlucky for me after writing this trip report I found out that Timothy already had one.  :(  Considering I finished this before knowing that I'll simply link his trip report here.  Guess there is two perspectives now, haha.
It's typical to go out to dinner on Valentines day, however for us we consider other things more exciting.  We decided to drive out to the beach and see some waterfalls out that direction.  On a Friday after having worked or gone to school we set off for a long drive.  After getting there we got our hotel before seeing the one waterfall for the day.
#59  Youngs River Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
And because I'm a romantic, we got to watch the sunset at the Peter Idredale.  The last time I got to see that view was my birthday trip, had a great time on that trip as well; although we got a moon rise on that adventure.  Still the sunset on this trip was still beautiful to see.
We went to bed early, I know crazy on a weekend.  The idea was to wake up early to get in as many waterfalls as we could get.  After some good sleep we got started on our day by just taking in some of the sites.  Grabbed a couple of pictures around town.  Timothy did manage to stay out of jail, hehe.
Then we were off to waterfalls.  The first hike was pretty easy, so was a good one to start waking up our muscles.  
#60  Barrier Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
Next up were a set of waterfalls that I don't recommend for anyone who is not in really good shape.  We went down to the three Gnat Creek Falls and it was quite a workout.  

Definitely a difficult bushwhack, but as usual the views are worth it.  First up was Gnat Creek Falls.  We were pretty excited to get there.
#61  Gnat Creek Falls  (bushwhack  ~ Difficult access)

Onward down the creek we went.  At first we we fooled into believing it was going to be fairly easy for us, however it didn't last long.  Along the way we stumbled across this little guy.

We fought our way through patches of devils club, rock slides, and climbing over very old trees.  On the other side of all that we got our view.  
#62  Middle Gnat Creek Falls  (bushwhack ~ access Difficult)
Me with a little photoshop fun. :)
A bit tired we still pressed on.  Considering that we had come this far, we both felt inclined to make our way to the last fall on the creek.  Got to Lower Gnat Creek Falls and found we had another bushwhack just to get a good view.  With how tired we were we decided on far away shot this year.  Next year we'll see about grabbing a better shot.
#63  Lower Gnat Creek Falls  (bushwhack ~ Difficult access)
I consider it funny that we thought we we tired after that because going out really kicked our ass's.  Pretty much went straight up, pulling ourselves up some very steep slopes.  
Also after getting to the top we didn't reach the main trail we took down.  So we had to slowly work our way backwards to the trail rather than fight our way through the blackberries.   

Finally at the road we were a bit wiped out.  Although we don't give up easily.  On we pressed off the next waterfall.  Again it was steep going down.  It's sad going down next to well used roads.  Often times we find garbage down there.  It seemed to us that the garbage here was quite old (stove/refrigerator/saw/etc.).

We were both amazed that the Hunt Creek Falls was right off the side of the road and yet there is no documentation of it, so we got a good shot.  It appeared as though there was an overgrown road on the other side of the creek.  Wouldn't be the first time a waterfall has been forgotten about.
#64  Hunt Creek Falls  (bushwhack  ~ moderate access)

Back in the car we drove for a while to get to the next section of waterfalls we wanted to do.  Unfortunately even though Beaver Falls finally got a trail, it still is next to a commonly used road, and so a section of the trail is covered in garbage.  At the falls we got a shot of a double rainbow.
#65  Beaver Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
Further down the road we pulled off to grab the upper falls.  Last year we didn't go down to get the bottom view, so this year we drudged down the crumbly slope.
#66  Upper Beaver Falls  (roadside ~ easy access)
Crazy as it may sound we still weren't done with our day.  Continuing on down the road I managed to grab a picture of another double rainbow.  

Along the next off-trail we followed an old road.  There was still some of the road still intact.  I bet it was a pretty drive when the road was active.  It's depressing to me how many roads got bypassed and thus forgotten about.  Perhaps if it had been a different time they could have turned those old roads into hiking trails, but then again that would be using common sense.

We reached Little Jack Falls in short order and grabbed a shot.  With the sun getting low we rushed to get the last waterfalls we wanted for the day.
#67  Little Jack Falls  (off-trail ~ easy access)
Another part of that old road we went for Jack Falls.  Perhaps if people remembered the beauty of the waterfalls it would give them a reason to clean up this old road so that the english ivy would stop killing off all the trees.  Well that and the blackberries.

Despite the setting sun, this year we wanted to get a better shot of Jack Falls.  Not really my favorite trip up since either way we were going to go we had to put a rush on it.  Getting up closer was worth the better shot though.
the angle we got last year...
#68  Jack Falls  (off-trail ~ easy access)
We had one more waterfall to go, so I rushed back down hoping to beat the setting sun.   Of course I couldn't help myself and grabbed a few pictures since I love sunsets so much.

The last waterfall of the day was a bit of a drive.  By the time we got to Bonnie Falls there was hardly any daylight left, however we got the best shot that we could before all the light was gone.
#69  Bonnie Falls  (roadside ~ easy access)
Finally our day came to a close.  Even though it was a chilly day and pushed ourselves really hard, we had a great time; beat yes but happy.

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