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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

March 8, 2013

Giving ourselves a challenge we headed off to some more difficult bushwhacks.  It was a clear day as we went into Clackamas.
 First up for this day trip was Armstrong Falls.  We started off at Armstrong Campground with an easy grade as we headed towards the creek.
 It got fairly steep and I found myself tumbling over branches making our way there.  The grade varied as we went along.
 After a little work we found ourselves there.
#95  Armstrong Falls (bushwhack ~ moderate)
 Me and Timothy at the falls.

 Knowing a way through a bit better now, we made it back to the car pretty quick.

This wasn't the end of our day though.  Next up was Whale Creek Falls and off we went.
 The path there was quite a bit difficult at times as we followed up Whale Creek.

 Eventually we came to a deadend along the creek.  I thought the only option was to back-track, silly me.
 Timothy informed me that we would be going up that slope over there.  Yep the one covered in mud with barely anything to hold onto.

Using my adrenaline rush we push on through to the falls.
#96  Whale Creek Falls (bushwhack ~ difficult)
Me and Timothy at Whale Creek Falls.

Heading back we decided to stay a bit away from the creek this time.

We followed along a cliff side until we found a good place to drop down.  I didn't like this spot much, but Timothy insisted it was just like steps.

Getting lost in the scenery I got some pictures of some rock faces.

Along with a mushroom picture while Timothy climbed over the log in the background.

Also couldn't help but grab a picture of this logjam, I thought it was neat looking being able to see in the water that clearly.

And of course I couldn't help but take a few more pictures even though Timothy was reminding me of the waning daylight.

Got back just as the sun was setting.  A good day hike for us.

A big thanks goes to Brian Edwards on Portland Hikers for letting us know about the falls. :)