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Friday, April 5, 2013

January 27, 2013

Timothy and I love waterfall hunting, so we have been looking for other waterfall enthusiasts.  On this trip we had found someone else to take with us;  Leyla.  Since we were just getting to know her we went on an easy day hike to the Columbia River Gorge to see Latourell Falls.

Starting off the day was a bit cold with some not so promising clouds creeping in.

And of course how things go the mist turned into rain as we got to Upper Latourell Falls.  Although we pulled out our handy umbrella to grab the shot.
# 40  Upper Latourell Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
Leyla doesn't have a car, so getting out is a nice day even when it decides to dump on you as the rain was doing that day.  Even the easy waterfalls have their own individual beauty.  The caprock gave a nice break from the rain and sounded awesome.

The rain did let up eventually as we headed back.  The winter colors often get me trigger happy with the camera.

Not to mention how I enjoy observing the shapes or forms different trees make.

We took the long way back down as we took in the scenery.  Down at the road we could see where the old footbridge used to be.

Continuing on along we made our way back to Latourell Falls.  Under the road bridge and around the corner.

Not the driest of days, but in the great Northwest you come to expect that.  Grabbed a shot of Latourell Falls and on we went.
# 41  Latourell Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
Even though Timothy and I had already been to some waterfalls, we still stopped by and showed Leyla some of the roadside waterfalls that attract people to the gorge.  Stopped by Sheppards Dell Falls, Multnomah Falls, and Shady Creek Falls.
Despite Multnomah being the tourist spot to go, the Multnomah Falls is still quite magnificent.  After that we ended the day and headed home.

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