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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

January 18, 2013

Here's another day trip we took.  It was a nice sunny day.
below crown point
Although a bit of a cold one.  I have a habit of grabbing photos of waterfalls on the road.  We'll get to these one's later in the year.  But as you can see Mist Falls is barely flowing cause it was all frozen up.
Mist falls
Mist Falls and Dalton Falls
My timing didn't work on grabbing Multnomah Falls, but I did manage to grab Shady Creek falls.
Shady Creek Falls
We worked our way out to Elowah Falls Trailhead.  On our way up we got to see a lot of ice formations.

In some places it made it a bit hard to get across the trail, but that's what handrails are for.  Just would have been nice if there wasn't so much ice on the handrails...

The view in general was quite beautiful, even with the chill in the air.

Grabbed a shot of Upper McCord Creek Falls before heading down to Elowah Falls.
# 26  Upper McCord Creek Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
And just because I like ice so much I couldn't help but get this angle with Beacon Rock in the background.  Unfortunately my camera doesn't do contrast very well, so had to lighten certain parts up a bit in photoshop.

With the sun to warm us up we went down to Elowah Falls.  It was a pretty site with the frost, but definitely cold.
# 27  Elowah Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
After getting back to the car, we headed off to our next set of waterfalls on the Wahelella Falls Trailhead.  There was some frost here as well.  I grabbed a shot of Munra Falls, but I think the better shot I took was on the way back, so I'll post that instead.
# 28  Munra Falls (trail ~ easy access)
There was some pretty cool ice formations, but I didn't really get the best pictures of them.

Continuing down the trail we got to Wahelella Falls.  We often joke about how much easier it is from the time I slipped and split my knee open.  Really a freak thing that happened in the summer time when my foot slipped off an "embankment" of, oh a foot, haha.  I was so stubborn that I needed to go see the falls anyway, hobbling all the way there, but I made it to the falls just as I did this time.  Although my knee was in much better shape this time.

# 29  Wahelella Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
sadly boulder obstruct this view
Then off we went to get to the car before dark.  I couldn't help myself but get a few more random pictures in there.  What can I say I love taking pictures.

more dripping frost
looking out of the canyon

I couldn't help but grab a corner of Munra Falls with the moon showing itself.
Finishing up the day as I often do, I grabbed a few pictures of the sky.

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