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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

March 3, 2013 ~ Silver Falls area trip

Well of course it's been a bit... Sadly I didn't catch up in time before we reached our goal of 365 waterfalls.  I'll continue however it will be in reflection.

Starting out the day the morning showed promise of a dry day.

Our plan was see all the waterfalls on the Silver Falls Trail and a few more nearby. The main gate doesn't open until 8am and we arrived 7am so we started off with North Falls. North Falls is huge and was flowing heavy today.
#79 North Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
Up the trail we made our way to the next one.  Was a very pretty day for grabbing some good winter pictures of the area.

With all the brush still resting from it's slumber we could clearly see the falls from pretty far back on the trail. Getting a decent shot of Upper North Falls we headed back to the car. 
#80 Upper North Falls  (trail ~ easy access)
Considering we were trying to save time we drove back to the South entrance.  The stone work at the beginning of the trail really is impressive.  Before the main falls we took a slight off-trail detour and got a shot of Frenchie Falls.

#81 Frenchie Falls  (off-trail ~ moderate access)
South Falls really is impressive and it's quite amazing that a daredevil actually survived going over it in barrel.  A passing hiker was nice enough to take a picture of the two of us.
#82 South Falls  (trail ~ easy access)

Down the trail we hiked and I got a few pictures along the way.

Then sun was nice enough to let me grab a shot before it hit the Lower South Falls.  Although I was still able to get a decent side shot before the sun started to hit the crest of the falls. The trail goes behind this waterfall, very neat.
#83 Lower South Falls  (trail ~ moderate access)
Lower South Falls
Continuing along the trail I again got more pictures of the trail.  The winter brought down some pretty big trees this winter.

While I can't explain it this no name falls flows year round.  I've tried to find a source on topo maps, however the best guess I have is perhaps it's runoff from farm land.

Moving along I tried to take less pictures, but still grabbed a couple.

Unfortunately the sun wasn't hiding when we were getting a shot of Lower North Falls and Double Falls.  I do think we did get decent shots though.
#84 Lower North Falls (off-trail ~ easy access)
#85 Double Falls  (trail ~ moderate access)
Drake Falls isn't much to see from the viewing platform.  Getting to the bottom though isn't likely possible.
#86 Drake Falls  (trail ~ moderate access)
Coming up on Middle North Falls we could hear it raging from far away.  On the other side really is the best view in my eyes.
Middle North Falls 
#87 Middle North Falls  (trail ~ moderate access)
When we reached Twin Falls I looked for my rose and couldn't find it.  Even after rushing back down the trail where I thought I dropped it, it was still gone.  Considering there were a lot of people on the trail likely as not it got picked up, so we had to grab a picture without it.
#88 Twin Falls  (off-trail ~ moderate access)
Taking the rim trail back to the car.  With a spare rose from the trunk we drove down to the top of Winter Falls and hiked down for our shot.  On the way I noticed this interesting fungus.  Back on the road I got one more shot of North Falls before we were off to see other falls.
#89 Winter Falls  (trail ~ easy access)

North Falls
Timothy had heard of this one waterfall tucked away, but with an impressive amphitheater.  Last year we had a great shot of it and went back for another one.  Taking a well traveled unofficial path we made our way there.

Abiqua Falls really is quite unique as it resides in a large bowl formed in basalt rock formations.
#90 Abiqua Falls  (bushwhack ~ moderate access)
Abiqua Falls
Considering we were losing daylight we hurried to our next set of waterfalls to see.  The first one, Upper Butte Creek Falls, was fairly quick to get to.
#91 Upper Butte Creek Falls (trail ~ easy access)
Looking down the creek I could see the top of the next fall.  The trail was a bit cliffed out, although offered a good view.
#92 Butte Creek Falls  (trail ~ moderate access)
The last waterfall on this creek sadly resides past the trail.  While others have bushwhacked to the bottom and crossed the creek for us with the winter weather it would have to wait for another day.  Getting a shot of Lower Butte Creek Falls from the top is a bit sketchy, but we got one and dashed off to the final one for the day.
#93 Lower Butte Creek Falls   (trail ~ difficult access)

In the distance we could see the sunset.  Coming on on Scotts Mills Falls there was barely enough daylight to get the shot.  We did get it though and thus was the end of another great trip.
#94 Scotts Mills Falls (roadside ~ easy access)

Timothy also on Portland Hikers he shows the difference that simply two weeks can make on the flow.

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