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Monday, March 25, 2013

Waterfall Hunters

Living in the Northwest is a great place.  There is a lot of rain and a bit of sun, even if Portlander's deny it. In Oregon alone you've got your choice as to what you want to see.  Want mountains? got that; Want plains? got that; Want deserts? got that; Want waterfalls? got that.  Last year my partner and I tried to see as many named waterfalls as we could in a year.  We hit a little snag when an engine fell on his foot.
In the emergency room
He did nearly amputate his toe, but thankfully the doctors were able to sew most of it back together.  There were some tendons and such that couldn't be fixed.  Sadly he won't ever run again, however the good news is that he doesn't have to run to see waterfalls.
Rocky Butte
It did take some time to heal up.  The first day out of the hospital we got tacos and watched the sunset at Rocky Butte.  Not a waterfall, but a nice break from nurses and doctors poking at you.
It only took a week for his foot to be good enough for a drive.  We found ourselves on the other side of Mt Hood and he hopped along on crutches to see more waterfalls.  With the remainder of the year we made up for some lost time, he hiked over 30 miles and saw an additional 50 waterfalls all on crutches.  Managing to see 223 waterfalls by the end of 2012.  Some would say that was good enough.  But lucky for me I've got a partner who doesn't give up easily.
Lower White River Falls
At the end of 2012 we joked about seeing 365 waterfalls for 2013.  His brother jested that seeing that many waterfalls in a year wasn't possible.  Without hesitation we looked at each other and agreed; challenge accepted.  With a little back-tracking to do I'll show you the journey throughout 2013.

There are a lot of great resources about the Northwest and I'll reference them when each come up.  Although three websites stand out above the rest, so I'll list them here:

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  1. next time as you head south of Salem, I recommend visiting the Opal Creek area and all the falls along the way to Opal Creek BEAUTIFUL!